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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  March 6, 2011 9:00am-9:30am PST

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good morning everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. its wet sunday morning. let's check in with kristine hanson, in this morning for lisa argen. >> good morning. we do have a soggy day around the bay area. we are starting to see skies clear a bit in the north bay, about half to three-quarter inches of rain so far this morning and we're seeing downpours in san francisco. it will be spotty shower activity. some of the heaviest rain is still in the east bay at this time just to the west, east of tracy. we've got rain up in concord, vallejo, 80 is clear at this point but 24 is busy. we're going to have snow and chain requirements in the sierra. we'll have the accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up.
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a big rig crash in san francisco has the approach to the lower deck of the bay bridge virtually blocked right now. the chp says it won't be cleared up until 11:00 this morning at the earliest. a traffic alert has been on issued for the safeway truck. it's blocking three lanes of the lower deck. the front end of the rig is heavily damaged trapping the driver inside. caltrans is also dispatching crews in sand trucks because the big rig is leaking fuel. we will keep you updated on the big rig crash on the bay bridge. right now it's in the eastbound lanes heading out of san francisco on the lower deck. it's unclear if slick roadways played a role in a deadly crash in contra costa county. chp is investigating the accident that involved at least five cars on basco road. it happened just after midnight and the investigation kept the
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road closed until about two hours ago. investigators say one person died at the scene. another has suffered major injuries. a driver crashed his car into a fire hydrant south of market neighborhood this morning. this is the result. this huge fountain of water shooting 60 feet in the air. the driver was found on howard street around the corner. he was not injured. police have arrested him on suspicion of drunk driving. city crews were delayed shutting off the water because the control valve had been paved over. escalating gang violence in the mission district over the past couple of weekends has police stepping up patrols. now, they are getting civilian help from the guardian angels. tomas ramon got mixed reviews from locals. >> guardian iapg else are now on
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patrol in mission district. a gang shooting led to a trashing of the memorial on the corner of 17th. that produced another shooting here on 24th street where a man was bounded by one of more than a dozen shots. enter the guardian angels. >> we're here hopefully to make a presence. >> they are patrolling from 16th to 24th streets. they believe they can deter violence by their mere presence. >> they do give some comfort to people that frequent the district like emilio? >> it's nice to see some enforcement in the streets. >> does it make you feel safer? >> it does. >> the mission district chris york the presence of the angels
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is all smoke? >> it's not like security, things like at the airport they try to make you safer. they are meant to make you feel more at rest. >> guardians angels have patrolled the streets in the past. they say the angels make the situation worse, not better. >> the guardian angels make no difference? >> they make no difference. angels walking around call the police and make them more angry. >> the gang members only fight each other. he claims they actually protect the neighborhood. >> they are not violent in the neighborhood here. >> gang members? >> yes. >> gang members take care of everybody around here? >> yes. >> it's not a claim to ton supported by the police. gang activity so the rise and whatever help they can get like the guardian angels is welcome.
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>> they are patrolling the mission district two days a week. they say they will be stepping up the patrols to four days a week until the situation in the mission district cools down. >> security has been ramped up at caltrain's redwood city situation after dozen people attacked a man waiting for a train. that attack left a man in critical condition happened friday night on james avenue. nine to 15 suspects robbed and beat the san jose resident. anyone with information should contact the san mateo county transit police. >> april's tax deadline is around the corner and for thousands of californians there is significant change in the rules. same-sex couples now have to follow the state's community property laws when they file their federal returns. many of them aren't sure what that means. >> it's impossible to figure out.
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>> they have been together 36 years and in 2008 were legally married in california. this same-sex couples including registered domestic partners community property rights. now, the federal government is requiring the couples to report community income when they file their taxes. >> everything is community is split down the middle, half and half, half on the one return and half on the other. >> it's called income splitting. say bob makes $90,000 a year and his husband makes 10. under the new rules, each must report $50,000 on their federal tax returns. >> we are embracing the chaos. >> they have been swarnd with clients? >> couples need to know what they have that is community property and what they have that is separate property. these are typically concepts that we have not known about. >> most couples will see a tax brack.
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there is another big payoff. >>are acknowledging registered domestic partnership and looking at community property rights and in fact, many of this is protected by having that acknowledgement. >> but the couple consider the tax rules but separate and unequal. they can file their state taxes jointly just liked married heterosexual couples they are required to file separate returns which must not include their combined income. >> i don't want to go through this. i want to file jointly. >> reporter: it's not just here in california. washington state and nevada are impacted as well because those states also have community property laws and recognize same sex unions. >> coming up next, a magnitude 6.6 earthquake rattles northern
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chile yesterday. >> forces loyal to muammar
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magnitude 6.6 earthquake has hit chile but so far no reports of major damage. they report the epicenter was 40 miles from a port, near chile's border with peru. it hit about 9:30 chilean time
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in the morning. the emergency agency says no injuries have been reported so far. in libya, muammar khadafy's forces are using helicopter gunships to fire on rebel groups. neither side is dominating the back and forwards battles this weekend. they are backed by army units. they took over an oil port yesterday only to come under bombardment by troops from khadafy. concerns have u.s. leaders debating military intervention. republican center john mccain tells this week, he wants u.s. forces to establish a no-fly zone to protect rebel forces from air attacks. >> a no-fly zone, declaring our assistance or support of a provisional government perhaps can which is being formed --
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there is a lot of steps we can take. >> there is a loose talk about some of these military options. let's call a state a state. a no-fly zone begins with an attack on libya to destroy the air defenses. that is the way you do a no-fly zone. >> two cargo planes landed in north america tunisia delivering humanitarian supplies for thousands of workers along the border. kristine hanson. wow, all you have to look out. >> i know. >> we're soblgd in. >> not only do we have the rain but the fog coupled with rain. an area of roadways, here is a live picture from camera in emeryville and snow in the mountains. chain requirements and update where it's range at this hour. >> thank you -- raining this
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hours. >> and surprise homecoming for a serviceman returning from afghanistan with a story of bravery and compassion.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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welcome back. it's 9:16. an update on the bay bridge back up. lower deck remains virtually blocked by a big rig crash. this is a live picture. very hard to see because of all that fog, but there is safeway big rig that three right lanes blocked heading out of san francisco. traffic is only getting by on one left lane. chp says it won't be cleared up until 1:00 this morning because fuel is leaking from that rig. caltrans is sending sand tracks to add traction to the bridge deck. if you need to get to the east bay from san francisco this morning, you should take the san mateo bridge or the golden gate bridge instead. this morning a san bruno serviceman with a story of bravery and compassion is back from afghanistan. he is navy corpsman joe burns. he went to afghanistan on january 1st with the first
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marine tank battalion. about a month and a half later he was on his way back to san bruno after receiving injuries from a roadside bomb. he expected a celebration for his birthday, but nothing like this. >> it's great to be home. >> did you expect any of this? >> i didn't expect any of this. i'm glad to be home and be with my family. these guys are awesome. >> wayne burns arrived in afghanistan, many marines were sick of flu. they were short of medicine so he spent his own money to buy what they needed for those men to be treated. good for him that he is safely back home. we're monitoring that situation on the bridge and you look at the fog, we don't know if it played a role or not. >> we have very slick streets
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and very mild. that is what is contradict to the cloud formation we're contributing to what we're seeing. it's been raining all night long. its steady downpour. what you can't see through the camera, we see the roadways, things are still appraised cloudy on the east bay. spotty showers throughout the bay area. this is all in hd, but because of the fog it looks a little fuzzy. live doppler shows showers continue to pop up. just a few minutes ago. we had one go through the san francisco bay area. now we've got a few showers popping up between vallejo and fairfield. showers on 580 out to the valley and highway 4 we're getting heavy downpours. we're starting to see rain in the south bay. rainfall totals have been around tenth of an inch.
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about a quarter of an inch for san francisco. here is some of the fog i was talking about from concord out to antioch all around the delta, brentwood and this will continue to move through. you can see the direction of these storms. they are coming right out of the west. this accounts for the very mild readings. overnight lows, 56 in san jose. 52 in san rafael. 55 santa rosa. we haven't gone up much because of the extensive cloud cover. you can see that the downpours will continue through early this afternoon. once the winds pick up i don't think fog will be a problem overnight because of the wind. we have a couple of storm systems that will clip the north bay. unlike the storms a week ago, this is coming from all the way from hawaiian islands. here is the cold air dropping down from the gulf of alaska. we have chain requirements on 50 and 80. this will impact the wind that
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will mick out the moisture we're seeing and the fog and mild temperatures on and off throughout the day. we'll start to see clearing and perhaps pockets until the winds develop tomorrow afternoon. then there is system moving off to the north on tuesday. >> winter weather advisories remain in effect throughout the afternoon hours for snow down to about 5500 feet but lower tonight. cloudy dhia with continuous scattered showers throughout the bay area. 59 forecast high in san jose. 57 in san mateo. so we started off mild but we're not going up all that much. downtown san francisco, 57 degrees. scattered showers, also scattered showers in the north bay. some clearing by this afternoon. east bay temperatures will be in the 50s and low 60s. and again, occasional heavy downpours, 58 in livermore. monterey 57 degrees with light showers. seven-day forecast, windy
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tomorrow but dry weather for the first part of the week and perhaps the entire week a little warmer on wednesday. >> we'll be right back.
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you probably seen one of the most popular stories on our website, a notorious cat burglar stealing hundreds of items from his neighborhoods. lisa amin gulezian tells us how dusty is cleaning up his act. >> this is no ordinary rummage sale. >> everything here was stolen.
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and here is the culprit, dusty also known as klepto the cat. dusty was featured on animal planet last month where his late night rendezvouss were caught on tape. he with a even on the david letterman show. now animal planet is film his give back. >> he brought all these things and what we are hoping the owners will come. >> i found my shoe. >> his klepto mania started three years ago. >> he had a full backpack in his mouth. >> they would return them piecemeal but they couldn't keep up. >> i think you were missing things? >> i think so. >> it seemed easier. >> that is ours. >> but all along, sadie knew all
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of her missing things would wind up here. she seems to be on the top of dusty's hit list. but after several hours, dusty still has a mountain of loot and some advice. >> don't leave anything outside that you don't want gone. >> even after all of this, dusty will still be in the spotlight. it turns out the city of redwood city has asked them to be the grand marshal in this year's pet parade. >> today's rain might keep dusty inside. >> but not tonight. >> seven-day forecast, showers tonight through tomorrow morning and then we see clearing with
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warmer temperatures after thursday. >> all right. that is going to do it for us. yes, we're off a bitterly today because of n.b.a. basketball coverage. next newscast is at 5:00 tonight. i'm carolyn tyler, along with kristine hanson, have a great sunday everyone.
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